Yay for Yaguas – Peru’s Newest National Park

Located in Northern Peru, Yaguas National Park will protect more than two million acres of rainforest.

The New York Times //Source: Global Forest Watch

Incredible animals (dolphins, the Amazon manatee, wooly monkey) will now be protected in Yaguas National Park, an area the size of Montana’s Yellowstone. There are around 3,000 plant, 600 bird and more than 150 mammal species that call Yaguas home.

The wild Yaguas National Park land. Andes Amazon Fund

Peru is preserving land while the supposed “leaders” in the US are sacrificing sacred places for industry. The United States administration seems to favor profits and petrol over people and protection. The recently passed USA tax bill opens a large portion of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge up for sale to oil and gas profiteers. Miles of unique, invaluable land, animals and native peoples, destroyed.

Land soon to be riddled with oil rigs. Photograph by Peter Mather: National Geographic Creative

Keep up the good work, Peru. Hopefully the United States can use your example to adjust our priorities.


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Yay for Yaguas – Peru’s Newest National Park

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