Better Burgers for Gut and Globe? Beyond Meat Thinks So.

“We have to figure out a way to continue to consume meat but do it in a way that doesn’t involve the animal, because the animal is so detrimental to both the environment and has issues around human health that are important to recognize.” Ethan Brown, Founder & CEO Beyond Meat.

They look juicy, bleed beet blood and taste meaty enough to really freak out a vegetarian. Beyond Meat’s CEO, Ethan Brown, recognizes the link between meat consumption and climate change and hopes to make a huge dent in the pollution and fossil fuels that go into producing a typical cow burger.

Brown’s work has been rather impressive – Beyond Meat’s products decorate common grocery chain freezer isles alongside Tyson and other huge meat producers. Speaking of, Tyson – the gigantic food corporation historically painted as one of the most environmentally destructive and harmful meat producers out there – has actually invested a boatload of cash in Beyond Meat.

I’ve seen the huge land devastation of cattle in my wanderings ‘cross the USA. Overgrazing, decimated water sources, cow dung in the middle of nowhere, dead land. Most impactful are the numerous cattle herds I’ve run into grazing on National Preserve and Forest Service land. The Department of the Interior leases land for cattle grazing and these bovines feed, poop, trample…and then land on our plates.

Mojave National Preserve – a desert beauty…with lots of cattle grazing. NPS

Questions about the health and sustainability of Beyond Meat abound, but it’s for sure saving some of this land from cattle grazing. Are the peas, canola oil and soy used in Beyond Meat harvested in ways that are sustainable- is Beyond Meat’s environmental footprint less overall? Let’s keep asking and searching for answers and improvements.

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Better Burgers for Gut and Globe? Beyond Meat Thinks So.

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