Lemur for Lunch: Threatened Lemur Still Eaten in Madagascar

A gray bamboo lemur (Hapalemur griseus). Photo by Dan Ashby and Lucy Taylor for Mongabay.

90 percent of the remaining 111 species of Lemurs are threatened. These social creatures are still eaten in Madagascar. This is not a starvation/survival situation – people are not eating Lemur to survive in many cases. Lemur is served in many urban meat markets and restaurants.

Source: Mongabay

King Julien, stage right – Lemur king in the animated film Madagascar. His real life equivalent may become extinct if hunting and Lemur consumption continues.

I worked for a holiday season as a costumed character version of King Julien – a hyper, lovable Lemur from Dreamwork’s animated film, Madagascar. Cute, isn’t he? Kids and adults loved the fuzzy, insane King of the Lemurs. I got innumerable hugs, hi-fives – the works. Audiences who saw the film would likely be shocked and disgusted to learn how Lemurs in real life don’t dance and sing- they’re frequently eaten and hunted. Lemurs are also dying from logging and agriculture-related forest destruction.

Support for this amazing species is growing – learn how to help here.


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Lemur for Lunch: Threatened Lemur Still Eaten in Madagascar

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