Pastel Portrayals of Melting Ice – Climate Change in Art

Drawing by Zaria Forman

Brooklyn Artist Zaria Forman creates epic pastel paintings of remote landscapes jeopardized by climate change.

Source: National Geographic

Both visually stunning and communicative, Forman’s art shows the beauty of unique, disappearing places we need to fight to preserve and protect. These drawings connect us in an emotional way to land that we effect and often destroy. Connecting to these wild places is especially vital today. The Trump administration gave the go-ahead to the oil-leaking Keystone Pipeline. They lifted regulations that prevent coal companies from dumping toxic mining waste into local streams. They repealed a ban on oil drilling in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Strolling down this Money Brick Road puts big company profits ahead of the most important, tangible thing that we all call our own – Planet Earth. 


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Pastel Portrayals of Melting Ice – Climate Change in Art

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