Keystons Spill

Keystone just spilled 210,000 gallons of oil

The decision involves a new, long-delayed sister pipeline called Keystone XL, which has been mired in controversy for several years.


I’ve heard it said many times, and it’s just true – oil pipelines will leak, there’s no way around it, it’s just a matter of time before the pipe will burst and some level of contamination will occur. Unfortunately, these tend to be massive, as is the case with the Keystone spill.
As a country we don’t need to do this, we don’t need to continue to rely on oil and other fossil fuels to the extent that we have in the past. We have the money and ingenuity to come up with something much greater. The reason we continue to fight for fossil fuels is simple – the companies that control those resources and stand to profit by their continued use are extremely powerful. They’ve gotten the people they need elected into key positions and as the EPA continues to be dissolved, these types of disasters are going to continue. It’s just sad, absolutely sad. We’re going backwards in time and revisiting an era of needless destruction.
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Keystone just spilled 210,000 gallons of oil

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